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Firefinish Interiors_Interior Design_South Florida

 We create homes that exceed our clients' dreams for home—luxurious in their livability, beauty, and customization.

 Firefinish Interiors is the culmination of the passions and interests that led us to design—namely, firefighting and custom furnishings. We specialize in a layered and deeply personal approach to home—refined by fire, over more than ten years of experience.

Meet Rayana Schmitz


Rayana Schmitz was in fire school when she began refinishing vintage furniture as a side job with a close friend. For more than four years, her business grew as she built her own home, designing the interiors as she went. Once finished, it became her accidental first portfolio project and the catalyst for her career in interiors. Now a seasoned designer, Rayana's work is best described as sophisticated and timeless with a subtly modern edge.

Firefinish Interiors_Interior Design_South Florida
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