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Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

You have just scheduled an in-home consultation. The next step is to complete the questionnaire below. This is an essential step to ensure that we will be able to make efficient use of our time together. Most people complete this questionnaire in 10-15 minutes.

What Is Your Age Group?
Our Entertaining Style Is:
We Entertain:
Where Do You Entertain?
Where Do You Eat Most Meals?
Are You Currently Living at the Project Address?
What Design Service Are You Interested In?
When Do You Plan to Start?
Square Footage of Space:
What Are Your Needs for Quality?
How Much Are You Comfortable Spending on a 8x10 Rug?
What Color Schemes Do You Have In Mind?
What Mood / Feeling Would You Like the Finished Project to Have?
What Best Describes Your Design Style? (Check All That Apply)
Have You Ordered Custom Treatments / Furnishings Before?
What Describes How Involved You Would Like to Be In Your Project?
Average Number of Guests:
Are You Currently Working With a GC or Architect?
Do You Have a Deadline for Completion?
What Is Your Budget Range for This Project?
How Much Are You Comfortable Spending on a Sofa?
What Type of Art Best Describes Your Style?
Will Your Spouse / Other Decision Maker Be Actively Involved?

Thank You for Submitting!

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